made by Siavash Jafari

Misfit Box

The Misfit box is a unique instrument that consists of a resonating wooden box and several objects that are attached to it, such as metal rulers, a plastic comb, springs, and a soldering iron stand. The Misfit Box can be played in a variety of ways, including with hands, mallets, and a violin bow. When played, the Misfit Box produces rich and textured sounds, that can be further enhanced with coupling the instrument with a chain of audio effects, such as granular delay. This allows for a wide range of sounds and textures that are perfect for any musical composition.

Sustain Puppeteer

Sustain Puppeteer is an electronic string instrument, initially made as a prototype for the Misfit Harp.

Misfit Harp

The Misfit Harp is an electronic string instrument that explores the possibilities of electromagnetic feedback and dynamic tuning. It consists of eight metal strings attached to a modular aluminium frame, which are picked up by electro-magnetic sustainer pickups and routed to a matrix mixer.