Misfit Harp

The misfit harp is an electronic string instrument that explores the possibilities of electromagnetic feedback and dynamic tuning. It consists of eight metal strings attached to a modular aluminium frame, which are picked up by electro-magnetic sustainer pickups and routed to a matrix mixer. The mixer allows the player to create a network of connections between the strings, resulting in complex and rich sounds that can be controlled by knobs and switches. The instrument also features stepper motors that can change the tension of each string, and a controller glove that can wirelessly communicate with the motors. The misfit harp can be played by plucking or striking the strings, or by manipulating the mixer settings and the glove sensors. The modular system of the frame enables the player to move and rearrange all the components and try new settings with them. For example, the player can move the electromagnetic pickups or change the length of the strings. The system also allows for adding new modules with new possibilities and easily attaching them to the instrument. This makes the misfit harp a highly versatile and experimental instrument that can adapt to different musical contexts. It can produce sounds that range from ambient drones to chaotic noises, depending on how the player interacts with it.